Outrageous Electric Limousine Lazzarini ONE

By Grigore Spac
Updated December 26, 2020
Outrageous Electric Limousine Lazzarini ONE

Lazzarini Design studio founded by Pierpaolo Lazarini, presented one of his automotive developments called Lazzarini One, which one day may become serial.

Lazzarini ONE is presented like an electric limousine with 1200 bhp and with a development price of 2 550 000 euro. We do not know so many details at this time, apart from an outrageous design followed by an impressive lenght of 6260 mm, and one of the most important, the powertrain itself, that consists of 4 Bosch electric motors, one for each wheel.

Pierpaolo Lazzarini is an Italian designer with artistic visualization and prototyping skills who spent years working in the automotive field. So despite its price tag we hope to see this futuristic style on the road one day.